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Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Autumn is definitely here with changing air temperatures and weather patterns that all affect the condition of our skin. Of course, we always concerned about putting our “best face forward”… especially the older we get and Botox is one of the amazing injectables that does just that. With Botox you won’t need a Halloween mask for that party or special fall event because your skin will look so amazing and wrinkle free that people will wonder….but only you will know.

Here’s a short bullet list of what it does:

  • Eliminates those telltale Crow’s Feet around the corners of your eyes

  • Blows away those aging “cobwebs” – skin looks and is smoother, more rejuvenated and healthier

  • Shooo away ghostly aging dull, lifeless skin – gain a youthful look and radiant glow

  • Smooth away aging lines, wrinkles and grooves with Botox filler

  • Basically trick Father Time into turning back your clock several years!

Today’s injectable fillers formulas are the most advanced ever….they have been in use worldwide for decades so they are considered well proven to be safe and effective. Botox is also well known in the medicine for treating Migraine headaches, some neurological uses have been in existence in Europe for years and years….thousands and thousands and thousands of users and successful treatments shout out Botox’ virtues…worldwide. You definitely want skill and experience in an injector for these treatments.

Expert Injector….Dr Kar is a specially trained “expert injector.” Not all physicians are, but as a surgeon who understands the complex facial anatomy, he sought out the most advanced information and training available to qualify himself as “an expert injector.” That means…his staff is expertly trained trained, highly skilled and well experienced in the fine art of facial injectables. He helps his patients “keep their best face forward.”

Botox…is Bootox for Halloween because it virtually smoothes away unwanted lines and wrinkles giving you a fresh, more youthful appearance.…people will wonder what’s different…but only you will know!

Book today to reserve…slots are going, going…

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