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PRP Treatment for under eyes

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Our busy modern lives can be intrusive on our skin. Pollution, stress, drinking, sun exposure and lack of sleep can all impact the way our skin looks and heals. All active factors in causing a darker undereye area, it can make our complexion look tired, dull and old.

PRP treatments, also known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, helps combat the appearance of under eye bags, dark circles and pigmentation. A natural and non-surgical treatment, the procedure consists of a trained professional extracting your own blood. The blood is then separated to extract the plasma within it. We use your natural body’s plasma because it contains valuable collagen and growth factors which will help and encourage your skin to naturally rejuvenate. A serum is created with the plasma and is then injected into the area of concern.

With the aim of repairing the skin, the tissues targeted are given a boost to revitalise themselves. Working to strengthen collagen within the under-eye area and regain elasticity and plumpness, this is achieved by the serum encouraging new blood vessels to develop. The outcome – fresh oxygen and nutrients within the target area to fight all skin concerns. Along with the result of tackling under eye skin concerns, the treatment also clears any puffiness in the area and around it that has been caused by excess fluids and toxins. And if that’s not enough, an added bonus to the treatment is that it enhances melanin production is produce a healthy and radiant complexion.

One concern that people may have about a treatment in such a delicate area is the pain and discomfort. Before the treatment begins a numbing cream is applied to the under eyes to decrease any discomfort. You may still experience a slight uncomfortable sensation, but it is manageable.

The treatment features little to no side effects. You may experience slight swelling and tenderness in the treated area, but a cool cloth/flannel will combat that. Whilst the treatment has no downtime, it is advised to avoid exposure to sunlight and sunbeds for 24-48hrs. The delicate area should also be treated carefully. Avoid strong lotions and thick makeup around the eyes for as long as possible. Doing so will help create even better results. In addition, when washing your face, be gentle around the treated area.

Because this treatment is personalised to you, results can vary. Some have noticed results one week post treatment, whilst the full affects are visible a month after.

So, who is the treatment for? It’s important to note that some eye bags and dark circles are caused by lifestyle choices and can easily be combated by changing them. The treatment does assist those who have under eye concerns due to genetics, age and allergies – all factors which we cannot help. Lifestyle choices and life in general can worsen the appearance of such.

The amount and frequency of treatments will be suggested by your practitioner. The service is personalised and tailored to your specific needs and skin concerns. Usually a month - 6 weeks is left between treatments. Many clients will return for top-ups around every 6-12 months.

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